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Horse Bedding

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Being horse owners ourselves, we understand the amount of thought that goes into selecting the right bedding for your Equine friend.

Which product is best for deep littering? Which is the quickest to muck out? Which is best for my horses health? Which is the most cost effective?

At Broadfeed, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a great range of bedding types, to ensure you can select the bedding right for you and your horse. From traditional Straw bedding, to WoodshavingsPaper, Cardboard, Aubiose Hemp bedding and our ever popular Sundown bedding range, you have a great selection to choose from. And don't forget to have a look at our thick, non slip and competitively priced Rubber Stable Matting!

Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always available to advise you on the best bedding for your requirements, whether you contact us by phone, message us on Facebook or visit us at our Superstore in Royal Tunbridge Wells!

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