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At Broadfeed we understand that a good balancer is the foundation of a horse's diet. A poor diet can result in a horse being overweight or underweight which can lead to all sorts of health problems. For this reason we offer a wide and diverse range of balancers for you to choose from.  Shop online or visit our shop in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.Our friendly staff are available to answer any horse nutrition questions you may have.


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Spillers Lite & Lean Balancer – 20kg
Ex Tax: £23.19
Baileys Low Cal 20kg
Ex Tax: £27.25
Topspec Comprehensive Feed Balancer – 20kg
Ex Tax: £38.50
Pure Feed Company Veteran Mix 15kg
Ex Tax: £15.95
Baileys Outshine Original 20KG
Ex Tax: £37.25
Saracen Equi-Jewel Pellets 20kg
Ex Tax: £39.69
Baileys Stud Balancer 20kg
Ex Tax: £23.90
Dodson & Horrell Ultimate Balancer
Ex Tax: £34.40
Topspec Anti-Lam – 20kg
Ex Tax: £27.50
Saracen Super Fibre Pencils 20kg
Ex Tax: £10.96
Topspec Senior Balancer 20Kg
Ex Tax: £33.60
Saracen Stamm 30 20kg
Ex Tax: £23.75
Topspec Super Conditioning Flakes 20KG
Ex Tax: £16.50
Topspec Senior Lite Balancer 15Kg
Ex Tax: £32.99
Topspec Lite Feed Balancer 15Kg
Ex Tax: £20.94
Topspec Joint Feed Balancer 15kg
Ex Tax: £38.50
Topspec Donkey Balancer 20KG
Ex Tax: £38.59
Pure Feed Company Fibre Balance 15kg
Ex Tax: £18.95
Pure Feed Company Balance 15kg
Ex Tax: £23.95
Keyflow Golden Oldies
Ex Tax: £39.00