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    Welcome to DeliverMyFeed

  • Great Reasons to Shop with us!

    Great Reasons to Shop with us!

Broadfeed- Animal & Pet Superstore, Offering Free Delivery To Edenbridge, Specialising In Food, Supplies & Accessories For Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses & More.

Our reliable and efficient free local delivery service extends to Edenbridge and the surrounding area. With a regular delivery day you can have peace of mind that your delivery from our Animal and Pet Superstore and Saddlery will arrive in time. Our delivery drivers have years of experience, and are passionate about delivering your items to you in the same condition as they left our Broadfeed store.

Over the last 30 years our business has grown from humble beginnings. We are proud to stock a huge range of products for the individual pet owner to large farm businesses, and we are always updating our stock to ensure we bring you a wide range of the highest quality pet products available.

Our dog and cat ranges are a favourite amongst our customers, with products from the likes of James Wellbeloved, Burns, Bakers, Whiskas, Felix and Hills. We also stock a variety of age, breed and lifestyle specific foods for top quality tailored nutrition to optimise your pets’ health. In addition to this, we also house an array of dog and cat accessories, including collars, flea and worm treatment, beds, bowls and toys from the likes of Beco eco toys.

We are busy delivering to our Equestrian clients throughout the week, from those with one pony to larger competition yards. Alongside our other popular brands including Balieys, Dodson and Horrell, Allen and Page and Spillers, we are also proud to be the sole distributors for Chestnut Horse Feeds in the South East of England. Recently, we have also added Thunderbrook Horse Feeds and Herbal Supplements as well as Keyflow Feeds to our extensive list of horse feed manufacturers.

To complement our large Warehouse full of horse feed, we are proud offer our customers a one stop Equestrian shopping experience courtesy of our well-stocked Saddlery. With bridles and bits to jodhpurs and whips, you are sure to find the product you need!

Our bird food covers both wild and aviary birds with a great variety of food and treats from peanuts, wild bird seed and sunflower hearts to mealworms, suet treats and fat balls. In terms of aviary birds, we stock food for a great variety of species, including budgies, parrots, canaries and many more alongside products such as bird sand and other cage accessories.

Our small animal products cater for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and chinchillas- to name just a few! We are proud to stock products from the likes of Burgess, Copdock, Allen and Page and Science Selective as well as tasty treats from manufacturers including Rosewood. Our hutch accessories are designed to enrich your pets’ life, to prevent boredom and promote health and wellbeing.

Whether you own just a couple of chickens or a couple of hundred cows, Broadfeed are able to supply you with a wide range of suitable products- and deliver them too! From layers pellets to leisure batteries, starter milk to sow rolls and Flubenvet to foot shears, we’ve got it covered!

All of our items are available for free local delivery. Just click here to see if we operate in your area.