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Megazorb is extremely popular not only in our Kent store, but also online, and it's easy to see w..
Ex Tax: £8.29
As the leading brand of premium quality dust free horse bedding, easibed has never been more popu..
Ex Tax: £7.25
Naturediet Chicken – 390g
A white meat diet suitable for young and older dogs and those with sensitive digestion. Naturedie..
Ex Tax: £0.83
Charnwood Micronised Linseed Meal – 20kg
Protein 23% Oil 35% Fibre 7% Ash 5.15% Linseed, in its raw state, contains the enzyme Linase..
Ex Tax: £23.00
Naturediet Lamb – 390g
A lamb diet suitable for all dogs, young and old. Naturediet is a complete natural dog food based..
Ex Tax: £0.77
Top Paddock Fertilizer – 20kg
A unique nutritionally ‘complete’ organic based fertiliser specifically formulated for applicatio..
Ex Tax: £10.83
Limestone Flour – 25kg
Calcium is vital for the healthy growth and maintenance of bones, teeth and hooves and also plays..
Ex Tax: £8.78
Gerty Guinea (available in 2 sizes)
Gerty Guinea Pig is a complete, varied daily food for guinea pigs. Like humans, guinea pigs can't..
Ex Tax: £8.74
Equest Pramox*
Ideal to use in Spring and Autumn. Pramox gives Tapeworm 6 months protection. Redworm 13 weeks pr..
Ex Tax: £20.54
Readigrass - 15kg
This product if currently out of stock due to new season waiting to be cut.  Please see ..
Ex Tax: £14.45
Bird Sand With Shell – 25kg
Specially selected and graded superfine bird sand with added oyster shell. Suitable for all types..
Ex Tax: £7.38
Poultry Oyster Shell – 25kg
Poultry Oyster Shell Crushed Oyster Shell provides a source of soluble calcium, essential for str..
Ex Tax: £11.35
Likit Cherry Flavour
Likits are for use in conjunction with the Likit Holder or Boredom Breaker. Likits are the ideal ..
Ex Tax: £2.85
Stalosan – 8kg
Stalosan F Disinfectant powder is a very effective, and DEFRA recommended, dry disinfectant powde..
Ex Tax: £21.66
Calf Teat Pull On
Latex teat for use with bottle feeder ..
Ex Tax: £1.66
Plaiting Needles
The Metal Plaiting Needles is a simple yet necessary part of the braiding process, working alongs..
Ex Tax: £0.17
Pedigree Gravy Bones Beef (available in 2 sizes)
A gravy flavoured dog treat in the shape of a small bone.  available in 958g and 10kg ..
Ex Tax: £2.71
Dried Mealworms - 1ltr
A highly nutritious complementary feed for wild birds. Rich in protein and suitable for all year ..
Ex Tax: £5.66
Kagesan Sand Sheets (Pack 5) 43x27cm
Sandsheets represent the most convenient - means of keeping budgie or canary cages clean. 43x27cm..
Ex Tax: £1.41
Equest Worming Gel For Horses *
Equest is suitable for foals over four months and pregnant mares.Equest wormer treats all common ..
Ex Tax: £13.46
Harkers Coxoid
This soluble coccidiosis treatment can be added to your bird's drinking water for a duration of 7..
Ex Tax: £7.08
Flint Chick Grit 25kg
Flint Chick Grit is a very hard insoluble grit of great benefit to all poultry. In the gizzard it..
Ex Tax: £10.56
Fine Oyster Shell – 25kg
A very fine shell suitable for bantams and young birds, also suitable for Ornamental and Cage bir..
Ex Tax: £9.76
Comfort Nylon Grazing Mask Navy  (available in 4 sizes)
The comfort grazing muzzle is a very popular style of muzzle used to restrict the grass intake of..
Ex Tax: £14.99
Plastic Boot Jack
A strong plastic boot jack with foot grip. Ideal for taking off muddy riding boots. ..
Ex Tax: £4.16
Indorex Flea Spray – 500ml
Indorex is for easy, long lasting household flea control. It provides continuous protection for 1..
Ex Tax: £13.74
Flint Hen Grit 25kg
Flint Hen Grit is a very hard insoluble grit of great benefit to all poultry. In the gizzard it a..
Ex Tax: £10.06
Cat Litter Tray Large
Cat litter tray. Assorted colours 40cm x 30cm x 9cm ..
Ex Tax: £2.67
Vitacraft Honey Rabbit Sticks
Containing specially selected seeds, vitamins, minerals and honey, these honey sticks are baked t..
Ex Tax: £2.25
Virkon S Sachet 50g
Powerful disinfectant active against bacteria fungi moulds and virus families including ringworm...
Ex Tax: £2.49
Safe Bed Paper Wool (available in 3 sizes)
Safebed Paper Wool is a white disposable bedding suitable for nesting. It is important that it is..
Ex Tax: £0.96
Pet Bowl Ceramic – 5"
Creme coloured ceramic dog bowl with blue inner glaze. Easy to clean and very steady. Dishwasher ..
Ex Tax: £3.24
Pet Bowl Ceramic Water Blue – 8"
Easy to Clean, Hardwearing, Hygienic and Dishwasher Safe and Resistant to Absorbing Food Odour and..
Ex Tax: £5.95
Flubenvet 1% Tub – 60g
Flubenvet 60g premixture 2.5% Flubendazole poultry wormer specially developed for the smaller pou..
Ex Tax: £27.00
Salt Lick Iodised Each – 2kg
2kg iodised mineral lick for free access feeding. Designed for use with this holder ..
Ex Tax: £2.50
Little Likit Apple
The Little Likit helps relieve boredom or simply makes the stable a fun place to be. They are a t..
Ex Tax: £1.95
Drontal  Cat Tablets*
Drontal Cat worming tablets contain 20mg praziquantel and 230mg pyrantel embonate for the treatme..
Ex Tax: £4.79
Disposable Syringe - 10ml
Quality three part syringe with a rubber piston for excellent suction. Barrels are marked with ve..
Ex Tax: £0.67
Corn Broom
Corn Broom complete with wooden handle. Manufactured from 100% corn fibre for longer-lasting dura..
Ex Tax: £8.75
Heptavac P Plus - 50ml
    Heptavac P Plus sheep and lamb vaccine for the act..
Ex Tax: £23.54
Dried Tripe Sticks (Available in 2 sizes)
Dried Tripe Sticks are a natural treat. Ideal for reducing boredom and cleaning teeth. Availa..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Disposable Syringe - 60ml
Quality three part syringe with a rubber piston for excellent suction. Barrels are marked with ve..
Ex Tax: £1.79
Cat Litter Scoop
Handy scoop for cleaning out your cats litter tray ..
Ex Tax: £1.16
Veterinary Wound Powder 20gram
A licensed medicinal product. An absorbent and antibacterial powder, easy to apply, creating the ..
Ex Tax: £3.33
Linseed – 25kg
Linseed is highly nutritious and rich in proteins and oils. It is the small brown seed of the fla..
Ex Tax: £29.67
Infra Red Bulb Ruby – 250w
A 250w bulb for use with heat lamps ..
Ex Tax: £7.92
Hibiscrub – 500ml
  Hibiscrub is an effective hospital-strength antiseptic and di..
Ex Tax: £5.83
Hempseed Standard Size – 15kg
Hemp Seed is rich in oil and protein and should be used with other seed mixtures or straight seed..
Ex Tax: £39.99
Harkers Harka-Mectin 5ml
Harkamectin Treats internal and external parasites – worms, lice and mites. Harkamectin is a ..
Ex Tax: £4.16
Fluff Bedding
Safebed Fluff Bedding is a soft gentle and absorbent bedding made from hygienically prepared fibr..
Ex Tax: £0.92